The Myanmar Crisis – May 2021


Three months have passed since the military coup in Myanmar which led to the overthrow of the democratically elected government. The wave of countrywide mass-protests and the violent crackdown on demonstrators has drastically altered the political and economic reality of Myanmar. As several hundred civilians have been killed by the army so far, there is a scramble for a peaceful resolution of the crisis to end the violence.

International companies with business operations in and ties to Myanmar are specifically targeted by civil society groups and activists to reexamine business relations to the military. Additionally, the US, the UK and the EU gradually increased the weight of sanctions on military-owned enterprises. Businesses find themselves under increasing pressure to support the democratic movement, cut ties with the military and secure human rights due diligence in their Myanmar operations.

In this briefing paper, we dissect what businesses can do to ensure human rights along their Myanmar operations in response to the ongoing crisis.

Publication Date: May 2021
Language: English
Keywords: Myanmar, Tatmadaw, ASEAN, military coup, business and human rights
Author: Simon Töpfer