Sustainable Finance and Human Rights: Focusing on the S in ESG – June 2021

Content: In this second session of the “Ask the Experts” series, we are bringing together experts in human rights and financial services to address some of the most pressing questions companies have in relation to this changing legal landscape and especially in relation to the “S” in ESG. We will go beyond summarizing the various laws that will impact your business and discuss their practical implications. We will then dedicate the second half of the event to answering your questions.

During this session, you will also learn:

• How investors can assess and mitigate the human rights risks of their business operations and investment decisions

• How financial market participants are expected to implement human rights due diligence to comply with various regulatory requirements

• What the next steps in the EU lawbook will entail

• What innovative tools can help financial market participants effectively map and assess business relationships

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: EN

Click here for the recording. Password: ask1706