We are excited to announce our partnership with Oxfam Spain on the groundbreaking DiliGente initiative, aimed at enhancing social and environmental practices in the strawberry sector of Southern Spain.

The Problem

The strawberry sector around Doñana National Park, a pristine natural reserve in Southern Spain, faces significant challenges including environmental degradation due to over-extraction of water resources and agricultural pollution, difficulties in adopting sustainable farming practices, poor labour conditions with inadequate wages and safety measures, challenges in meeting regulatory compliance and maintaining ongoing training, pressures from global markets to produce at low costs, and the need for effective coordination among diverse stakeholders to drive collective action and sustainable development.

Our Work

As a consulting firm specialised in human rights, we were brought on board to develop targeted training materials to meet LkSG requirements. Our work focused on:

  1. Developing tailored training modules: Addressing the specific needs and challenges of Spanish suppliers in the agri-food sector and tailoring materials to ensure suppliers adhere to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.
  2. Facilitating knowledge transfer: Conducting workshops and training sessions to empower local stakeholders.


The Impact

We are proud of the transformative changes that DiliGente is set to bring. This initiative represents a significant step towards fostering sustainable growth and driving positive change in the agri-food sector.

The impact of our work includes improved working conditions and labour rights for workers, the adoption of sustainable farming techniques that protect Doñana National Park, and increased capacity among local suppliers to maintain high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

For more insights into Oxfam’s approach to stakeholder consultation, we recommend checking out their practical guide from June 2023: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/426027/Oxfam-Website/oi-informes/guia-participacion-derechos-humanos.pdf

About DiliGente initiative: DiliGente is an innovative project led by a consortium that includes Oxfam Intermon, Andalucía Acoge, Conexión Social, and WWF Spain. 

Photo Credit: Andres Mora/Oxfam
Photo Credit: Andres Mora/Oxfam