LkSG in Practice – Insights on Risk Management

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    What do companies need to prepare for in terms of regulations and how can they get the best support in implementing human rights due diligence? Join our Webinar “LkSG in Practice: Expert Insights on Risk Management” to learn about effective risk management approaches. In this session, Markus Löning and Tanja Reilly will provide insights on what companies are doing to meet existing and anticipated legal requirements, which processes and tools can best support them in implementing human rights due diligence, and how to effectively manage the associated risk exposure.

    Hear more on:

    • human rights due diligence requirements companies are facing,
    • approaches and best practices to implement due diligence, transparency and sustainable procurement,
    • advantages and added value for your company through the implementation of a sustainable procurement strategy
    • how companies in the value chain can support their customers on compliance and sustainability improvements

    Year: February 2023
    Keywords: LkSG, human rights due diligence, sustainable procurement
    Language: English