Eliminating Child Labour: Recommendations for Business Action – January 2022

With 2021, the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, having come to an end, this briefing paper to outlines the ways companies impact children’s rights and the actions businesses can take to help eliminate child labour. It discusses the challenges companies face in identifying effective actions and, deriving insights from the cobalt mining and cocoa industries, showcases how some international brands have addressed child labour in their supply chains. The paper concludes by providing recommendations on concrete steps businesses must take to meet their responsibility to respect human rights and support the efforts to end child labour globally.

Date: January 2022
Authors: Simon Töpfer, Theresa Quiachon
Language: EN
Keywords: child labour, corporate social responsibility, cocoa, cobalt, mining, responsible business, responsible sourcing, supply chain due diligence, human rights due diligence