Corporate Sustainability Roadmap in the Netherlands

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    Are you curious about how the EU’s sustainability due diligence regulations might affect your business? Are you already involved in corporate social responsibility (maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen) and seeking clarity on the impending legislation, or is this your first encounter with CSDDD? Are you wondering how it connects with the sustainability reporting guidelines of the CSRD?

    The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission are in the last phase of negotiations for the final text of the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Dilligence Directive (CSDDD). At the heart of these negotiations lies the challenge of ensuring that the CSDDD effectively promotes human rights and environmental practices while remaining feasible for businesses.

    In this Ask the Experts Live Q&A session, our experts Liesbeth Unger and Markus Löning will discuss how EU regulations on corporate sustainability due diligence affect Dutch companies. They will share insights from common questions asked by Dutch companies and lessons from implementation by German businesses. Furthermore, Nadia Cicek, global human rights manager at Arcadis, will explain how Arcadis is preparing for the CSDDD. Specifically, we will discuss and answer your questions on the following topics:

    1. The impact of legislative developments in the field of corporate sustainability due diligence in the Netherlands.
    2. Key considerations for kickstarting the human rights due diligence process.
    3. Practical measures and tools to facilitate compliance with the law and prepare for the EU-level human rights due diligence legislation
    4. An overview of the EU CSDDD and associated business responsibilities.
    5. Lessons from the German experience in the supply chain to navigate future challenges for Dutch companies

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Year: November 2023
    Language: English