Corporate Human Rights Governance: Roles and Responsibilities

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    Incorporating respect for human rights in your organisation is not a short-term project but a large-scale change process that requires transforming your company’s strategies, processes and culture. For the transformation into a sustainable, responsible business to be successful, the human rights governance of the company i.e., which department in the company plays which role in this transformation process needs to be clear to all parties involved. In our Ask the Experts Live Q&A session, our senior consultants explained through real-life and best-practice examples on how to establish an appropriate governance system to effectively implement human rights due diligence at your organisation.

    Specifically, we discussed and answered your questions on the following topics:

    – What are the legal requirements under the German Supply Chain Act and the expectation from the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive regarding human rights governance?

    – What are common challenges human rights officers / chief sustainability officers facing when setting up a human rights governance system?

    – How do you map internal stakeholders to identify which teams need to be involved to what extent in human rights due diligence?

    – How are companies of different sizes and different maturity levels setting up their human rights governance?

    Year: November 2023
    Language: English