A practical session on the German Due Diligence Law – May 2021



On April 22, the German Corporate Due Diligence Law had its first reading in the German parliament. It is due to be adopted by June 2021 and then expected to enter into force at the beginning of 2023. While there may still be changes made during parliamentary deliberations, many of its practical implications for corporations are already clear. These were illustrated in our briefing paper on the German Corporate Due Diligence Law published in March 2021. (German version here.)

In this first session of the “Ask the Experts” series, we will go beyond summarizing the law and address some of the most pressing questions companies have in relation to the German Corporate Due Diligence Law. Furthermore, together with our partners at sustainabill we will provide practical and innovative solutions for implementing the 7 key due diligence requirements stipulated in the law while taking into account the EU regulatory context. You will also learn:

• Measures and tools that can help you implement the Law and prepare for the EU-level human rights due diligence legislation

• Integration of the requirements into your management systems and functions

• Implementation examples from companies

• Effective mapping of supply chains and management of human rights risks

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: EN

Click here for the recording. Password: ask1905