Reporting under the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act


In this Ask the Experts session, Raquel Althoff, the head of our consultancy services, senior consultant Stephanie Borowiec and our managing director Markus Löning will be discussing the reporting requirement both from a legislative compliance angle and with regards to its strategic value. They will present their insights from practice and share specifics on how companies can best prepare for reporting.

You will also find answers to the following questions:

• What are the reporting requirements of the LkSG and other due diligence standards? How do they relate?

• How can the reporting process help the continuous improvement of a company’s human rights strategy?

• How should companies connect reporting to management systems?

• How do you get the buy-in of internal teams for the reporting process?

• How can reporting content be used for other communications purposes? As it is standard in our Ask the Experts format, the second part of the event will be dedicated to questions from the audience.

Duration: 45 minutes Format: 30 minutes of discussion followed by a 15-minute Q&A session

Year: September 2022
Experts: Raquel Althoff, Stephanie Borowiec, Markus Löning
Keywords: German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, Reporting, Ask the Experts
Language: English

Click here for the Recording. Password: ask2009