Constanza Munoz
Constanza Munoz

Consultant, Legal & Compliance Expert

Constanza Munoz is a legal and compliance expert and works as a consultant in client projects.

Constanza brings approximately a decade of experience working in the field of international human right advising the private sector, governmental institutions, and civil society organizations. At Löning, she provides legal support to various client projects and participates in developing frameworks for gap assessments in line with international standards and best practices. She also assists our clients in identifying and assessing risks and potential human rights impacts within their own operations and supply chain and performs civil and criminal exposure analyses for potential risk situations.

Prior to joining Löning, Constanza advised companies in Europe and Latin America on improving corporate social and ethical standards, ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and international standards. As an advisor, Constanza served a wide range of businesses operating in the agriculture, financial, logistics, and textile industries.

Before entering compliance, Constanza was a criminal lawyer and worked for the Ministry of the Interior of Chile, as the head of the international relations unit of the police force. She holds a law degree and a master’s degree in international human rights and humanitarian law from the European University Viadrina.

Constanza is a native speaker of Spanish and is fluent in English and German.